24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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2Knowing Food

Open Call, 13 February 2014
What are the new discussions we can have about food? From healthy eating to new scarcities, from harvest to consumption, the food networks of the industrial age are becoming smaller, more local and specific. Tapping into local knowledge of food, resources, production and distribution, this team will strive to create a new consciousness about what lies on and beyond the plate.

Reaction, 30 July 2014
There is a lot of interest and focus on food at the moment. Social media profiles are full of everybody’s breakfast, lunch, cups of coffee and dinners. This attention has shifted the place of food in our lives; from a basic need, food has become a way of living. Where and what one eats has become an important part of life. What kind of role does the community and the social aspect play in the way we deal with food today? This was the starting point for our projects. We built up a community garden and initiated research on diverse topics: on milk, a basic national product; on local plants; invasive species; and devising a possible future scenario for food.

Team mentor

Lucas Mullié, foodcurator, co-initiator of Foodconvertors and Tijdrestaurant

Digna Kosse, designer

Team members

Gaja Mežnarić Osole, Nuša Jelenec, Leonora Jakovljević, Jan Kikelj, Sergej Kuckir, Fabrico Próprio (Rita João, Pedro Ferreira, Frederico Duarte), Ema Gerovac, Amelia Desnoyers, Katarina Dekleva, René Bosch

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6. 12. 2015#Knowing Food
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12. 2. 2014#Knowing Food
What will team members design from food at the Kick-off event? Chef of the group will be food curator Lucas Mullié.