24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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5Hidden Crafts

Open Call, 13 February 2014
Is there new life to found in the methods, outcomes and distribution of craft? What can designers learn from a country’s craft tradition? Tapping into Slovenia’s rich craft history, a number of the country’s manufacturers will be chosen to collaborate with designers in a discovery process. All participants will contribute with time and engagement, embarking together on a trip that has no pre-defined destination.

Reaction, 17 July 2014
The term “hidden” can also be understood as invisible, unknown, overlooked or underestimated. This last term, particularly, allows a hint of the project this team was involved in. In Hidden Crafts, six companies cooperated with twenty-two designers. Not all companies can be seen as classic craft companies, but all are characterized by a deep knowledge and know-how, using handwork in different degrees. The designers range from industrial to experimental, from Slovenia and Germany to Italy and Austria. Every one involved in the project – the partner companies as much as the designers – critically questioned their abilities, searching for the hidden potentials in six different materials.

RCKE/BIO 50 was part financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund.

Team mentor

Tulga Beyerle, freelance design expert, writer and curator, co-founder and director of Vienna Design Week


Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region

Team members

Emanuel Gollob, Zaven (Marco Zavagno, Enrica Cavarzan), Beno Ogrin, Klemen Smrtnik, Dejan Kos, Ernest Nograšek, Dea Kaker, Urša Vrhunc, Oloop (Jasminka Ferček, Tjaša Bavcon, Katja Burger), Marko Drpić, Gregor Humar, Alessandro Fonte, Emile De Visscher, Klemen Zupančič, Klara Zalokar, Liene Jãcobsone, Anna Badur, Janez Mesarič, Annika Frye, Mima Suhadolc, David Tavčar

Partner companies

Interseroh & Consensus & Plastika Skaza; Kamena; Petrič; Rokodelski center Ribnica; Steklarna Hrastnik; Tiporenesansa

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