24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test
#Hidden Crafts
Courtesy of Alessandro Fonte Courtesy of Alessandro Fonte
Courtesy of Alessandro Fonte

THE REBOOTS by Alessandro Fonte has been selected for the XXI Triennale di Milano - New Crafts exhibition that will be exhibited from the 27 June to 12 September at Fabbrica del Vapore. The exhibition is curated by Stefano Micelli. It gives visible form to the virtuous encounter between technological innovation and excellence in manufacturing.

THE REBOOTS is an open project based on integrating the idea of the object’s second life into the design process. The first part of the research was presented in the context of BIO50 and later selected for Adhocracy Athens curated by Ethel Baraona Pohl /dpr Barcelona.