24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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6The Fashion System

Open Call, 13 February 2014
From textile production to retail, merchandising and all the stages in-between, the means by which we clothe ourselves are complex and multi-layered. Tradition and technology are part of the fashion industry, while links between designers, producers and consumers introduce new dynamics into the fashion system. Questioning the institution of fashion and its many facets, this team will seek to understand the human position within the machine that clothes us.

Reaction, 27 August 2014
Matter Loci x Matter Globalis
Matter Loci x Matter Globalis (ML x MG) is a fashion lab, a traveling exhibition and a living open archive. Through an open call, we asked local makers to produce a series of garments that explore and present local resources − in term of materials, creativity and production. The first open call focused on Slovenian wool as rare local material.
The resulting archive documents both the products and processes involved in their realization. From amateur to professional, local traditions to global experimentation, ML x MG grows through the contributions of participants in the fashion system. ML x MG aims to generate new perspectives and real alternatives to the delocalized, contemporary system of fashion production and consumption.

Team mentors

Tina Hočevar, architect and designer, initiator of the Paul Malina project

Eugenia Morpurgo, designer, author of the Repair It Yourself (RIY) and footMade projects

Evan Frenkel, student at Design Academy Eindhoven, researcher of open and active clothing manufacturing systems.


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Nataša Peršuh, SQUAT, Ljubljana

Team members

Tanja Pađan, Elena Fajt, Clara Vankerschaver, Nina Mlakar, Linda Ogrizek, Martina Obid, Tijana Todorovič, Tjaša Avsec, Nataša Kovač and Katarina Dovč, Olivia de Gouveia, Nika Ravnik, pH15 (Lucija Jankovec, Nika Batista, Katja Grčman, Maruša Kranjc, Karmen Sedeljšak, Ana Jazbec, Elena Fajt)