24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test

4Walking the City

Open Call, 13 February 2014
Walking in an urban environment is an essential component of contemporary life. From the mundane – the stroll of the flâneur or a functional shopping walk – to the ritual – a religious procession or a political protest march – the pedestrian has rights and agency, and yet seems to neglect or have forgotten them. Returning to a pedestrian scale, this team will devise new ways of urban action and reclaim public space as a privileged platform for walking.

Reaction, 18 July 2014
The Agency of Walking
Walking is an essential component of everyday life, yet its rights and agency in urban contexts seem often neglected or forgotten. The Agency of Walking presents a selection of scripted walking experiences that invite the public to use the city of Ljubljana as a common testing ground. In the very act of doing it yourself, the agency of walking reveals its full potential: by exploring functional tools that encourage walking; scrutinizing the impact of social activism and political rules that limit the use of public space; or experiencing the urban environment in relation to the scale and sensuality of the human body.

Team mentors

Marko Peterlin, architect and urban planner, co-founder of Institute for Spatial policies (IPoP)

Judith Seng, product and process designer, working in her own Berlin studio since 2005


Institute for Spatial policies (IPoP)

Team members

La Jetée (Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame), Maja Baloh, Ben Landau, Aya Bentur, Mima Suhadolc, Marta Ostajewska, Martin Abbott, Carolien Van den Hole, Sophie Rzepecky, Matthew Collings