24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test
#BIO 50
Juuso Koponen, photo: Susanna Tikkanen

Design Biotop / Data projekt, co-organisator of the BIO 50 program of side events, is inviting all interested in data visualization to apply for the workshop Data Project / Data for Societal Impact by 1st October 2014. Only applicants that can participate for the full duration of the workshop will be accepted.

Because of the 30th Anniversary of the studies at UL ALUO (The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana ) we are giving priority of applying to students. Due to this spaces are limited. (We are accepting application forms upon the availability.)

Register here, for all additionals questions contact: info@designbiotop.si