24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test
#BIO 50
Brainstorming started in February with the BIO 50 kick-off event. The development of the first prototype by the Engine Blocks team. Researching the art of letterpress by part of the Hidden crafts team. A lot of Skype meeting are going on - Hidden crafts group. Workshop about edible plants with Dario Cortese and the Knowing Food team. Photo: Ana Kovač Public Water Public Space team meeting in Ljubljana. Photo: Ana Kuntarič Skype dinners are prepared at Knowing Food. The Knowing Food team in search of a garden. Photo: Tanja Vergles What is affordable? Sketch by Lee Ivett Affordable Living meeting in Museum of architecture and design (MAO). Photo: Tomislav Vidović Designing Life Meeting Ljubljana - Tokyo - London. Photo: Dimitri Lupo In the search of the definition - Nanotourism team. The Fashion System team is researching materials and processes. Experiment about "the present" by Rogier Arents from Observing Space group. Hacking Households team working together in the creative center Poligon. Photo: David Lotrič Playing creative games while making new connections - Hidden Crafts team. "Walking postcards" are sent as one of the projects of Walking the City team. Observing space team is working on their Manifesto. 3D printing of "open hardware" by Hacking Households team. Prototypes are designed: Motorbike by Engine blocks team Walking the city team meeting in Eindhoven.
Brainstorming started in February with the BIO 50 kick-off event.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes of BI050 since the kick-off events in February.

All eleven BIO 50 teams are researching, creating, collaborating, modelling, sketching, designing, making, gathering and connecting. Extensive creative and collaborative processes are going on in real and virtual space in the search of end results that will be presented at the 24th Biennial of design in Ljubljana in September 2014.

Enjoy this sneak peek into their creative processes and stay tuned for more.