24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test
#BIO 50

Following the concept of collaboration, the Biennial of Design maintains strong connections with the main partners, sponsors and supporters. Their support allow establishing a new, innovative form of the Biennial as a highly relevant international design event. So far, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region and its Regional Creative Economy Centre and company Eles, d. o. o. became main partners of the BIO 50.

ELES, d. o. o., as the main partner of the Biennial of Design supports its integrative and interdisciplinary approach and many events – photo contest, children’s workshops, guided tours and the opening event. ELES is the electricity transmission system operator of the Republic of Slovenia and an important and solid backbone of the Slovenian electricity industry. ELES strategically, responsibly and sustainably plans, builds and maintains the transmission network in Slovenia. By managing the entire transmission network in the country, it provides for secure, reliable and continuous electricity transmission. The company is dedicated to maintain the balance between the generated and used electricity within the transmission network 24/7. As the guardian of the national electricity system, it is closely linked to the transmission networks of the neighbouring countries and integrated into the European energy system.

The Regional Creative Economy Centre (RCKE), established by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR), performs direction and support of the Affordable Living and Hidden Crafts groups at BIO 50 with the aim of creating sustainable and economically efficient ties between creative industries and Slovenian economy. The RRA LUR has, among other things, with the establishment of RCKE proved that by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship together with environmental responsibility guides the sustainable development of the region of central Slovenia.

In the Hidden Crafts group, BIO has connected designers with the Slovenian companies to cooperate in the research process. BIO 50 projects are developed in cooperation with Steklarna Hrastnik, Tiporenesansa, Kamena, Petrič, Rokodelski center Ribnica and Interseroh & Consensus & Plastika Skaza.

BIO continues its long-term cooperation with the company Riko, d. o. o., which accompanies and supports BIO since 2004. Riko supports good design that is capable to detect contemporary needs, expectations and desires and translate them to the new expression enabling new possibilities and alternatives. BIO is seen as a crossroads with a critical perception of possible directions of the development of design. While collaborating the Biennial, Riko is also included in many events that are part of the parallel programme.

Furthermore, we are maintaining cooperation with the companies Petrol and Gorenje as well as with main media sponsor RTV Slovenia. A broad concept of the biennial and especially the issues explored by the Public Water Public Space group, gained attention of the company JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija to become one of the main sponsors. JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija joined activities of the 24th Biennial of Design “because we recognized that the message of this year’s biennial is strongly intertwined with the contents of awareness-raising activities by which we are present among the general and professional public for decades. Water is our common responsibility and is an important and recognizable part of the urban environment in Ljubljana. The regulation of water in the city is the indicator of the orderliness of the city in general. We do care in what condition the water in Ljubljana will be left to our descendants. Together we can do more.”

The new collaborative concept of the Biennial gained support by the renowned Creative Industries Fund NL, one of the most visible European benefactors of creative industries projects as well as important design and architecture events. The co-financier of BIO 50 is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. Among the partners are Ljubljana Tourism, Slovenia's Government Communication Office, foreign embassies of the Republic of Slovenia and Videolectures.net. A fresh concept of BIO 50 encouraged collaboration with international architectural, design and arts media like Uncube, Designeast, Artsthread, Architectuul and In Your Pocket travel guide. A number of foreign press representatives will also be visiting the opening of the Biennial in autumn.

All partners, sponsors and supporters of BIO 50