24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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BIO50}hotel: lecture Creative Citizenship by Francesca Iovino SCIATTOproduzie

Thursday, 6 November 2014
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Faculty of architecture - Plečnik lecture hall

Zoisova cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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P: +386 (0)1 548 42 80/70
E: bio@mao.si

As curator of the BaBeL2 – Biennial of critical housing in Rome, Francesca Iovino will give a lecture on Creative Citizenship.

BaBeL2 is an experimental event in where the theories on architecture and urban space interact with the architecture as a practice of act as initiative and activity related to the theoretical discipline.

By crossing practices and different conditions of the inhabiting, this Biennial try to recognize but also to discover a daily living that can open heterogeneous and complex scenarios: the platform Babel activates spaces to coincide and to interact paths and researches, to convey them to an open and public training on housing. From the first long stage on the "right to the city" - Forte Prenestino, May 2012 – to the next urban intrusion in which the gaze will be beyond the issues "rights", as sanctioned values and not more than of finish line, to focus toward the architecture of making or even toward the participation in the transformations of the space in which we live. By crossing expressly those practices of appropriation on sites, but also on social relations and on the activation she will explain how the next biennial will narrate the social and urban emergency that deconstructs space city; how it will find consolidation in the reflections and discussions on the experiences of urban activism, subject today to a jammed evolution, in attempt to advance towards the dynamics internal to movement's policies relatively and inextricably to the development policies of the contemporary city of European matrix.

Francesca Iovino is an architect and independent researcher, she carries on a research’s activity on the metropolitan planning at the architecture faculties of Delft, Pescara and Rome. For her work on the design of exhibitions and installations, strongly related to urban territory, receives awards for the contest: "Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes" Dortmund, 1995 and "City of the third millennium" Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2000. She is part of Sciatto produzie group since its foundation and with the group participates in the Biennial for Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, as mentor for the workshop on installation with young artists from Bosnia, Sarajevo 1998; at the Biennale Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Rome 1999; at the Venice Architecture Biennale, 2000. She writes articles on mutations of the peripheral metropolitan areas, also published on "Derive e Approdi", "Subsol", "Posse", “Alfabeta”, "Gomorra" in which she is an external collaborator. She is Visiting Professor since 1999/2000, at First Faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni” in Rome, where she is coordinator and mentor in seminars for thesis in architectural design. With Sciatto produzie she develops research projects on dwelling, on the transformations of the metropolitan space and on the strategies of counter-cultural urban intrusion, receiving invitations to intervene in numerous international conferences on the topic. Since 2011 with Sciatto she organizes and coordinates the Festival on Critical Housing BaBel2, space of research, debating and counterculture and still place of interdisciplinary workshops on issues of critical of housing.

Creative citizenship is part of the program BIO50}hotel

BIO50}hotel is a temporary exhibition hotel established by Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna at MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design of Ljubljana during BIO50 24th Biennial of Design curated by Jan Boelen as part of the research theme nanotourism.