24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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Guided tour

Thematic tour BIO 50

Sunday, 28 September 2014
11:00 - 12:00
adults: 6 €, reduced: 3 €
Jakopič Gallery

Slovenska cesta 9
1000 Ljubljana

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The thematic tour will give you detail insight into the selected themes of the Biennial.

Guided tours will take place at this year’s exhibition BIO 50. Guided tours provide a detailed insight into the working process of individual groups, in the thinking of the authors, curators, jury members, award winners and other experts and creators of this year's Biennal.

Sunday, 23.11. - Museum of Modert Art
The projects of the team Hidden Crafts will be presented by the teams project manager at BIO 50 Mojca Mihailović together with the designers (Klemen Zupančič, Klara Zalokar, Ernest Nograšek ...).

Sunday, 26. 10. - Museum of Architecture and Design
Tilen Sepič, team mentor of the Hacking Households group, designer, photographer and multimedia artist, co-founder of design collective Rompom
Polonca Lovšin, architects and artist, will present the theme Knowing Food
* Mojca Mihailović, teams project manager at BIO 50, will present the group Engine Blocks

Sunday, 12. 10. - Museum of Modern Art
Jurij Krpan, team mentor of the Designing Life group, architect and curator, art director of Kapelica Gallery
Miha Turšič, team mentor of the Observing Space group, director and co-founder of KSEVT – Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies

Sunday, 28. 9. - Jakopič Gallery
Matic Vrabič, team member of Public Water Public Space, designer of BIO 50 exhibition
Jože Barši, artist, sculptor, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Cvetka Požar, curator of retrospective exhibition The Biennial of (Industrial) Design over Fifty Years