24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
3, 2, 1 ... Test
28 September 2015 — #Feature

Quick BIO 50 Update

See the forest through the trees, contribute your experience in culture. And have you heard about MOTO?

*PSX Consultancy of Designing Life group is at Abandon Normal Devices Festival, showing the sex toys for plants. AND is a catalyst for new approaches to art-making through digital invention. It invite artists to hijack the imagination through abandoning traditional settings and developing unorthodox partnerships thus can actively redefining the way art projects, events and festivals are experienced. See the forest through the trees!

*From 2 to 5 October Nanotourism reasearch group will be a part of CULTURANZE experience. The concept of this project is really simple: free hospitality to people that work in culture (artists, scholars, researchers, etc. ) in exchange for a cultural contribution! The initiative allows researchers, artists filmmakers to contribute culturally to the small community that is formed during the holidays in exchange for getting free hospitality. They will contribute by presenting the theme of Nanotourism, research of existing examples and definition of new cases studies to spread the concept in a specific nanotouristic place. Be there!


*MOTO from Affordable Living has left MAO park! It is currently the venue for accompanying programme of 31th Biennial of Graphic Arts, taking place in Ljubljana, organised by MGLC. Whether be lectures, debates, exhibitions or even library, MOTO has got it covered. Pay a visit!


*The Japanese knotweed still in full focus of Re-Generacija that grew from Knowing Food group. The connection with local paper mill is getting stronger. The story continues!

Photo: Katarina Dekleva
Photo: Katarina Dekleva
Photo: Katarina Dekleva

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