24th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
18. 9.—7. 12. 2014
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8 July 2015 — #Feature

A Quick Summer Update

What has MOTO been up to and what is going to be up to this summer? PSX Consultancy with another prize, plus some updates on nanotourism currently beeing the focus in Vitanje and Knowing Food tackeling the invasive stranger. Read the latest updates on what the groups have been up to. And of cours, don't miss BIO 25 open call!

*The Japanese knotweed was the main theme of three workshops taking place in June by Re-Generacija that grew from Knowing Food group. Working with local community, they tackled ways to fight the plant’s ever expanding areas of growth, made cloth dye and connected with local paper mill to make paper from the knot weed. Take a look!

*PSX Consultancy of Designing Life group declared the runner up in the category of Speculative Concepts Professionals at Core77 Design Awards, which celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners. Read all about it!

*AA Visiting School Vitanje, a partner of Nanotourim group, just kicked off last week, with this year’s nanotourism focusing on the concept of experience tourism. Experience!

*The creators of BIO50}hotel gave a lecture on their project at DoD TALK at By Design or By Disaster in Bolzano. What the hell is nanotourism?

*MOTO from Affordable Living… Well, the project space is having quite the summer. First, it moved to Tobačna City, where it housed the Slovene national radio crew for the first instalment of Ljubljana Flow Festival, and is now patiently waiting at MAO park, where it will host performative workshops by independent artist and researcher Nathanael Andreini in August. Find out more and even more!

*Follow us on our usual channels on Facebook and Twitter, where we now go as @BIO_Ljubljana!

*Finally, want to participate in the next BIO? Ready for BIO 25? OPEN CALL COMMING IN AUTUMN! Stay tuned!