Open call.
Spring 2016.
25. bienale oblikovanja
25th Biennial of Design
Ljubljana, Slovenia
See you soon.

BIO – The Biennial of Design in Ljubljana is an international platform for new approaches in design.

BIO was founded back in 1964, making it the first design biennial in Europe. Witnessing the many shifts and changes of the last 50 years, BIO has seen design transition from its birth at the crossroads of industralization and modernism to a discipline that permeates all layers of life and human endeavour.

Today BIO is structured as a long-term collaborative process, where teams of designers and multidisciplinary agents develop alternatives to established systems of everyday life.

BIO works as a testing ground, where design is employed and implemented as a tool to question and transform ideas about mass production, public and private space, and pre-established systems and networks. The diverse array of topics resonates with both local and global demands, with its comprehensive projects aimed at creating resilient structures that develop over time, often well beyond the duration of the Biennial.

Watch for the next open call, to be launched in Spring 2016.

Open call.
Spring 2016